Council Approves QPTC Community Takeover

Hove Town Hall, Tuesday, 28th November, 2017 – Brighton & Hove City Council today approved plans for a community takeover of Queens Park Tennis Club by its members.

The Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee voted unanimously in support of the bid submitted by the club in July, meaning that QPTC will take financial and administrative responsibility for the six tennis courts and the Pavilion clubhouse in the park.

Click HERE to see The Queens Park Tennis Club Proposal

The precise details of any future agreement have yet to be decided, but Head Of Operations (CityParks) Rob Walker said QPTC would be expected to pay a peppercorn rent in return for supplying public access tennis courts to the local community.

The process of agreeing a lease/license between the council and the tennis club is expected to take at least three months.

“It’s good to see local people taking control of their own sports facilities,” said Councillor Peter Atkinson.

Councillor Robert Nemeth added: ““We feel that Queens Park Tennis Club’s lead in this matter is to be commended, and can be an inspiration to other parks clubs in the city.”

Committee chair Gill Mitchell congratulated QPTC members present at the meeting, thanking them of their efforts and wishing the club the best for the future.

The meeting was attended by QPTC members Terry Nevin, Mark Cull, Conrad Brunner and Nancy Platts. See relevant minutes here:

See full details of the meeting here, including a webscast of proceedings. The vote was taken at approximately 5pm, so one hour into the meeting.