QPTC Submits Self-Funding Proposal

QPTC today submitted a document to Brighton & Hove City Council concerning the future governance of our tennis club. You can see the full document here: QP Proposal PHOTO compressed

Following council cuts to the tennis budget, the council and the parks tennis clubs have been discussing various citywide bids to manage all 60+ parks courts. Our proposal suggests a ‘cost neutral’ alternative for QPTC, freeing the council from further financial obligations towards the costs of maintaining the six tennis courts and club house.

QPTC would become responsible for those facilities as part of a community takeover, as has been successfully achieved by various sporting clubs in the city (rugby, bowls etc). This was our covering letter:

This document has been prepared by the Committee of Queen’s Park Tennis Club. We hope you will take the time to read our proposal in which we are offering the Council a cost-neutral solution for QPTC, involving a community takeover of the tennis club and facilities (six courts and a clubhouse).

QPTC would not require any further direct funding from the Council.  

One target, agreed by our Committee, is to reduce court fees from the present Council rate of £7.90 per to £6 per hour together with junior and concession tariffs.

Our aim is to upgrade and modernise the interior of the clubhouse facilities without altering its character.  We believe this space, made available to local groups such as the Friends of Queens Park, can be a valuable community asset. We would also undertake a programme of court maintenance.

The tennis club is a full member of the Lawn Tennis Association and has adopted its coaching and safeguarding practices.  

Finally, QPTC would retain its role and character as a local parks’ tennis club, participating in the Parks League as it has for the last 78 years.