Update: Another Busy Week

It has been a very busy week at Queens Park Tennis Club. We are currently negotiating a lease with BHCC, who are making a real effort to ensure the facilities are handed over to QPTC in adequate condition.We remain optimistic of securing a long term lease of the courts and the clubhouse, to the benefit of both parties.

Mel Bowden (below, in red) has worked countless hours to make this a successful transition. As well as negotiating the lease, Mel has supervised the BHCC efforts to bring our facilities up to scratch, including proper drainage, fixing the boiler, electric points etc. This will be for the short term and long term benefit of members.

Mel has also been project managing the current court works, a task that includes:
Installing new, ultra secure net posts
Installing two new ducting trenches, with gives QPTC the option of installing floodlighting in the future.
Supervising the relaying of courts 1 & 2.

Thanks too to Dave and Dave (above) from Sovereign Sports, who worked all through last weekend – often in the bitter cold – to make sure the works are finished on time.

First CIC directors meeting

In other news, a new CIC limited company is being set up to manage the financial and legal affairs of the club. The directors are Mark Cull, Conrad Brunner, Mel Bowden, and Keith Stollery, all of whom are current active members of the QPTC committee. In addition, we are lucky to have added Stephen Davies and Denise Tyler as directors, both of whom bring high levels of professional expertise to the role.

QPTC is in discussions with British Tennis (LTA) concerning a potential loan/grant to help put the club on a sound financial footing in the future. More details to follow. There are many ways QPTC might benefit from publicly available grants, and any extra help from members with experience in this area would be much appreciated. Please contact Conrad Brunner if you can help.

On top of this, the AGM on Sunday 4 March was well attended, with many key points keenly debated. Many thanks to the many concerned members who showed up on a cold, wet Sunday afternoon. The minutes will be published shortly.

Finally, a big thank you to Terry Nevin (above, left) who, not for the first time, has volunteered her time and labours to remove unsightly graffiti from the pavilion club house. QPTC needs that level of community support now and in the future.

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