Important News: Court Repairs Start Soon

We’ve got good news, and we’ve got bad news. The good news is that the courts are about to be cleaned, repaired and repainted. The bad news is that this work will put courts 1 & 2 out of action for several weeks.

Courts 3, 4, 5 and 6 will be cleaned and repainted with minimal disruption.

The court repairs are due to start 22 February, although the immediate progress is weather dependent. Our full season starts in April, and we are hoping the work will be done by then (see details below).

Overall, the court refurbishment is good news. Queens Park Tennis Club will become an independent, community tennis club around the beginning of April (date: to be confirmed), and the council are doing the right thing in making sure the courts are in a fit state before they are handed over to our care.

A 25 year lease agreement is expected to be in place by then, giving QPTC full financial responsibility for the courts and the clubhouse.

Mel Bowden has itemised the precise works required, and is liaising with the council and contractors Sovereign Sports. Details:

Courts One and Two Resurfacing

Week One
Court preparation, ducting.

Week Two
Preparation of existing surface, drainage and edge blocks, sink in net sockets and centre band anchors

Week Three
Overlay 32mm of tennis top macadam

Week Four to Seven
The courts have to be left to harden and dry

Week Eight
Binder, Painting and Lining
NOTE Painting can only be undertaken if the weather is dry and above 20c

Working backwards we would need to start on site Monday February 26th at the latest to be on court  by April 17th !!!! and thats weather permitting.
Queens Park will need to reschedule or relocate court requirements.

Courts Three to Six
These are the Clubs responsibility
Initially these require cleaning and chemical treatment and thankfully this phase only takes four days and my recommendation is to  undertake this work in March to allow safe play.
The final painting and lining would be undertaken after Courts One and Two are in service and this requires one day per court again weather permitting.
It is acceptable to have a two month gap from cleaning to painting.

Sovereign Sports are undertaking the renewing of the pathway alongside courts five and six