Thank You Mark Cull

Mark Cull has stepped down as a director of Queens Park Tennis Club. An active club member for over 15 years, Mark was a founding director of Queens Park Tennis Club CIC Ltd.

“Mark has made a massive contribution to the success of this club,” says QPTC director Conrad Brunner. “All the directors would like to say a big ‘Thank You’ for his outstanding service.”

“The photo below, taken in June 2017, shows Mark holding our final proposal documents, which he hand delivered to city councillors at the town hall. This helped build a brighter future for our club.”

“Mark’s time and dedication during this period was key, and we have all benefitted enormously from his input.

Mark Cull: Volunteering for duty

“He took on a lot of the unpleasant tasks, like dashing down to court six to properly inform all visitors of our pay per play rules. Away from the courts, Mark has spent countless hours attending directors meetings and pouring over budgets, lease agreements and QPTC policies.”

Denise Tyler, QPTC director, writes: “Despite working full time Mark has put in many voluntary hours to ensure the delivery of the CIC from the very start and all his work has been hugely appreciated. It literally wouldn’t have happened without him.”

Mark writes: “I’ve been proud to be part of a passionate and dedicated volunteer team of Directors (Conrad, Mel, Stephen, Denise & Keith) and others (most notably Pauline, Alan and Charlie Baines) who have worked hard to save QPTC from potential demise due to council funding cuts. We had a vision of turning Queens into an inclusive community facility open to players of any age and ability, with equal access to the courts for everyone to enjoy their tennis.

“At times it has felt like a second full time job and has involved a lot of our personal time to achieve everything we have in the past three years, which I believe is now the best public tennis facility and club in the city.

“For me, I’m ready to step back and simply enjoy playing tennis, but I’m aware that QPTC will only survive and is only as strong as its members who are willing to volunteer some of their own time to maintain what we have achieved and keep our facilities and club as great or even greater than they are now.”

Mark will continue to serve as QPTC’s welfare officer. Membership secretary Alan Sanchez has been made a director of QPTC CIC.