Heating In The Clubhouse

There have been a few questions about the heating system at the clubhouse. Here is all you need to know:

The heating is set to run three hours each morning when it starts getting cold in Autumn/Winter. The heating thereafter is only set to switch on for specific bookings (Pilates, Centre Church, Friends of Queens Park/Parks League meetings, etc). Typically, we turn the heating off 30mins to 1hr before the end of a function. QPTC directors do not want the heating on one second more than it needs to be.

All the radiators have thermostats on them, so control themselves to reach the desired temperature. The temperature is set at 18C, which is standard [*]

Please do not adjust the six radiators in the clubhouse. If you turn one off, it creates an imbalance in the system, so making the others do more heating.

The central heating was installed 18 months ago. It has significantly improved the quality of the interior my removing the inherent dampness (and smell) within the building. This also helps to maintain the fabric of the building.

The central heating has made the clubhouse useable for all sorts of club and guest events in the winter months. It has paid for itself twice over in one year due to the volume of venue hires. We have forthcoming bookings for kids dance and Brighton Youth Orchestra performances, neither of which would be possible without central heating.

We are looking into putting in an automatic door closing device, but it is complicated by the fact that the door does not presently close smoothly. In the meantime, the best solution is for members to close the door after them in winter.

There are anti-freeze radiators in the loos which are in place to keep an ambient temperature not lower than 5C degrees, so they only come on when necessary. This is to prevent the pipes from freezing. Again, please do not turn them off.

[*] Standard temperature settings:
Factories 13c
Light work in factories 16c
QPTC clubhouse 18c
Hospital wards 18c
Offices and dining rooms 20c

Shut that door!