Resuming Tennis Activity: 13 May

Tennis at Queens Park Tennis Club will resume on Wednesday 13 May in accordance with new regulations announced by the prime minister on Sunday.

The new rules will allow tennis “playable between members of the same household….with singles play only, other than where players are all from the same household in which case they can play doubles.”

The existing guidelines about social distancing would continue to apply. The QPTC clubhouse will remain closed until further notice.  See LTA Covid-19 page here.


Simon Briggs in the Daily Telegraph writes today [Mon 11 May]: “Tennis courts across England are set to open as soon as Wednesday – but with the important caveat that people are only supposed to play in singles, with members of their own households. Meanwhile, France is permitting outdoor recreational tennis from next Monday, and most other European countries have already moved to this position.”

Vicky Young, the BBC’s chief political correspondent, also confirms that limited tennis activities will resume: “Government officials says tennis and golf will be allowed in England; 2 friends can meet in a park if they socially distance.”

The LTA says: “At the appropriate time, we will be providing via this page a set of clear advice and guidance to tennis venues, coaches and players around the resumption of tennis activity in Britain, how this can be done and any precautions that need to be taken – in a similar way to how guidance was provided going into lockdown.”

The R&A, golf’s governing body in the UK, has announced the re-opening of golf courses this Wednesday.