QPTC Curry Night

We enjoyed a spicy first step on our culinary QPTC World Tour on Saturday night, starting in India.

Pauline writes: “I just want to thank all those who helped to make the Curry Evening so successful: Barbara who thought of it in the first place, organised it, prepared most of the food and set it up in the clubhouse to look so inviting and welcoming. All the helpers on the evening and beforehand: Jane, Mark, Bruno, Conrad, clearing the room, laying the table, providing hot plates and extra items of cutlery and dishes and of course clearing up afterwards under Barbara’s watchful eye.

“There were others who helped with stacking and clearing away which was really appreciated. On top of all that we had two wonderful musicians Ellie Blackshaw and Lyn-Ora Knott. We were all dancing at the end even me – doing a Teresa May, I’m afraid.

More photos below.

“This event was our first fund-raising effort and because of all the volunteers we were able to make over £200. We were so lucky to have the tables and chairs kindly donated by Amex, via one of our members, Ian Andrews – a big THANK YOU to him.

“It was also a learning experience – finding out what is lacking in the clubhouse for future events. You may be able to help with this, before you discard anything, think of us: For instance we need white dinner plates, a fridge freezer, small oven and a microwave! Bruno and Lia will be doing the next global tour in November with French and Indonesian cuisine. Watch this space.