New On Court Signage

The new signs have gone up around Queens Park Tennis Club. There are  court signs (Courts 1, 2, 3 & 4 upper) and 5 & 6 lower. There are also eight new signs with the simple request ‘Please Book Online’ for all users.

The signage is designed to increase court use by members and non-members, but pointing them in the direction of our excellent new online booking system ClubSpark (click here to find out more).

We strongly recommend that all members download the ClubSpark app, which is dead simple and works a treat. And it’s free.

The aim is to increase revenue via an efficient booking system, and to make clear to all users that our courts need to be paid for. This is going to become increasingly important for all parks clubs in the city as the council aim to cut funding in half.

The cost of maintaining one court (including fencing, painting, nets etc) for a ten year period is about £20,000, or £2,000 a year.

We hope the new signage will encourage visitors to pay their share, or – even better – join QPTC.

There is one spare Please Book Online sign available for us to place at our discretion.

Many thanks to Jake and Sam, who put the signs up, and to local resident Peter Morris, who designed them. Thanks also to coach Mel who has laboured many hours over making our court booking system work.