Court Lighting at QPTC

Thursday 11 November – The testing for the new court lighting will take at least one further week as of today. QPTC hopes to have the lights working by the end of the month, pending final approvals.

Once in operation, courts 1 & 2 (not 3 & 4) will be available for online booking everyday from 4pm to 10pm.

Members and visitors will need to pay charges for court lighting as required either online of via the app.


Members £0.00 per hour + £6.00 court lighting per hour
Visitors: £14 per hour court booking inc court lighting

POLITE NOTICE: Please respect our neighbours. You are requested to keep noise on court to a minimum, and to leave the premises quietly and peacefully at the end of your match. Thank you.

The court lighting will illuminate automatically during your appointed booking, and switch off automatically at the end.

QPTC is not hosting evening club sessions at this time, and will review the situation when court lighting is available on all four courts. The club will book courts for coaching and tennis events at its discretion.