Club Sessions Return

QPTC will restart members’ club sessions on Monday 15 June at 6pm till late.

Members are invited to join in doubles sessions in the time-honoured fashion, while following current LTA guidelines on social distancing and hygiene. Further members club sessions will hereafter take place at the same familiar times:
Monday: 6-9pm
Friday: 6-9pm
Sunday: 2-5pm

Please read the latest LTA guidance here: EQUIPMENT & FACILITIES [NEW]: Players do not now need to use their own clearly marked tennis balls – however, if you choose to use shared balls then extra care must be taken to ensure you do not touch your face during play, and you should clean your hands before play and immediately after finishing (use alcohol gel if required) Players should still avoid using their hands to pick up tennis balls from other courts where possible – use your racquet/foot to return them. Avoid using other equipment such as courtside benches, net handles or court sweepers where possible.”

While members clubs sessions are underway, the lower courts (5&6) will be available exclusively for pay & play visitors (not members), in accordance with QPTC’s obligations to public access.