QPTC Statement on St Ann’s Well Gardens Petition

Queens Park Tennis Club is aware of an online petition which wrongly suggests that our club has ambitions to in some way take over the tennis courts at St Ann’s Well Gardens.

The petition states: “Currently, the lead proposal for running St Ann’s Tennis is from Queen’s Park Tennis Club and all shareholders, structure and coaches have been brought in from Queen’s Park. The decisions are driven by an agenda to give those coaches and structure more money-making opportunities at the expense of the local coaches and the local community.”

We, the directors of Queens Park Tennis Club, would like to stress that the wording of the petition is false and misleading.

Queens Park Tennis Club has never had any intentions to acquire or control any aspect of St Ann’s Tennis, whether as a shareholding or otherwise. QPTC has not taken any steps to do so. QPTC is happy to remain an independent parks club with no formal ties with other clubs.

QPTC has at no times had any plans, or ambitions, or any interest at all in running the tennis courts at St Ann’s Well Gardens. Furthermore, QPTC does not itself have any shareholders as we are a non-profit Community Interest Company.

– QPTC Directors