Club competitions

Queens Park Tennis Club organises club competitions year round. Check the website and your emails for the latest news. The main event is the annual QPTC club competition – singles, doubles, mixed doubles – which starts in April and concludes with our Final Day at the end of August/beginning of September.

Click here for details of the 2019 competition.


Junior Box Leagues 

September – December 2020

  • All matches to be must played by 20th December.
  • Players must arrange their own matches and book courts accordingly.
  • First place group players will receive a prize.
  • Player WINS will be counted first but if tied with another player then games for/against will be calculated.
  • Top and bottom 2 players will be promoted or relegated.
  • If unsure about a line call please replay the point.
  • Players must provide their own balls.
  • Drawsheets will be available to view and updated inside the clubhouse.
  • Results must be sent to Jimmy Smith 


Andy Murray Group 

  1. Lorian Chadwick
  2. Leo Cowell
  3. Nilo Calesini
  4. Noah Quarton
  5. Lexi Wright
  6. Archie Rayner
  7. Kodai Dunford
  8. Frankie Prince


Serena Williams Group

  1. Cosmo Calesini
  2. Logan Stoddard
  3. Milo Dexter
  4. Jack Barlow
  5. Edie Quarton
  6. Gabriel Morgan
  7. Annastasia Wright
  8. Niall Garvey


Scoring Format – FAST4

• Win 4 points to win a game (no advantage;
sudden death at deuce, receiver chooses side)
• Win 4 games to win a set BUT
• If the score in a set reaches 3-3 then play a
first to win 5 points
Change ends every 4 points
A set score can be 4-0, 4-1, 4-2 or 4-3
• Win two sets to win the match
• At one set all play a
first to win 10 points
Change ends every 6 points
• A serve hitting the net and going into play is
OK (no service let)
• No sit down at change of ends DURING a set
• 90 seconds break between sets (sitting down
is OK)
• MINIMUM rest period between matches: 20 minutes